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SOLD OUT - Ignacio Maria Gomez @ Urban Farm BIGH

Hide & Seek Festival 2021
Thursday 26 August 2021 - 18h30
Urban Farm BIGH - Rue Ropsy Chaudron 24, 1070 Anderlecht
THU 26/08

Please note that this event starts at 18:30.
Tickets on sale from Thursday 29 July at 10.30 am!

Ignacio Maria Gomez is a young Argentinian singer, musician and percussionist who blends in an ultra-personal way the artistic lessons and maturity picked up over more than a decade spent travelling the highways and byways of Central America, Colombia and Brazil. When still small, he was initiated into Guinean percussion, which he today translates into an echo that draws on the strength of the African roots of the African-descended communities of the Americas. His voice is probably his most effective weapon, mainly because he has hit on the highly original idea of using it in an invented language, which doesn’t resemble any other but which, despite everything, sounds very familiar to our ears. He compares it to the languages of the Icaro songs interpreted by Native American shamans. It could come simultaneously from everywhere imaginable and conjures up the image of a lost and mythical land, a paradise that he has named Belesia, the title of his album.

In order to experience this concert in the best possible way, let us rise up a little above the city and look for a green space. Astonishingly enough, just such a place may be found at Cureghem, where an urban farm using aquaponics looks down on the lively market of the Anderlecht slaughterhouses. The Abattoir BIGH farm is a young enterprise, which has built greenhouses and aquatic systems suitable for the cultivation of aromatic herbs and cherry tomatoes in one of the most crowded corners of the capital. By slotting into the existing buildings, BIGH farms take advantage of the energy that still remains there, and this is not the only sustainable aspect of the project, as you will understand when you visit this place before the concert!

Ignacio Maria Gomez: vocals, guitar, bombo legüero

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