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SOLD OUT - Raske Drenge (Scandinavian folk) @ Costumier Maghet

Hide & Seek Festival 2021
Monday 23 August 2021 - 19h00
Costume Maker Maghet - Rue Saint-Ghislain 41, 1000 Bruxelles
MON 23/08

Please note that this event starts at 19:00.
Tickets on sale from Thursday 29 July at 10.30 am!

In this craft workshop an art of the highest quality has been kept going for over a century: that of hand-made period costumes. Plunge into the timeless world of Costumier Maghet, the hiding place of more than 10,000 costumes, accessories, trimmings, buttons, hats, boots, jewellery and fine feathers. The craft workers of Maghet are fully aware of the true value of their special skills and are committed to maintaining them for the sake of the knowledge and tradition that they play a part in safeguarding.

It’s into this cushioned and yet remarkably alive universe that we felt the urge to invite a two artistes who typify the new generation of the music of the Faeroe Isles and of Belgium. The duo Raske Drenge plays folk with Scandinavian and North Atlantic roots, but in a way that gently dares to give a special twist to its traditions. The Belgian half is represented by Oscar Beerten, a violinist who hails from Herentals. He is accompanied by the guitarist and singer Ragnar Finsson, who originates from the Faeroes, a self-governing archipelago belonging to Denmark. The soft blending of Beerten’s hardanger fiddle (from Norway) with the Faeroese language succeeds in conjuring up strength and nostalgia, sadness and beauty… Such emotions are well represented in the musical forms of northern Europe and here they take on a fresh and vibrant character.

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