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SOLD OUT - Edwin Vanvinckenroye @ Royal Ice Cellars - Concert at 6pm

Hide and Seek Festival 2020
Tuesday 25 August 2020 - 18h00
Old Royal Ice Cellars - at the corner of Boulevard Général Jacques and Boulevard du Triomphe (Ixelles ; Auderghem)
TUE 25/08

Concert at 6pm

For several years we have been dreaming of organizing a concert in this very special place. And now we are finally able to present a show in the mythical Ice cellars! Prepare yourself to go down a long staircase until the temperature cools down. Nothing too icy, in the middle of August the temperature of the ice cellars will even be quite pleasant. This ancient ice palace was used to preserve the ice for the bar and inn keepers of the XIX century. With the arrival of gas fridges, these old ice cellars fell into oblivion, until they were re-discovered and declared heritage in 1993.

Recently renovated, these ice cellars are the biggest ice cellars known in Belgium to this day, and we have entrusted Edwin Vanvinckenroye with the complex task of filling musically the 8000 cube meters with resonating sound. We needed somebody unconventional enough to take on this challenge. You can without any doubt trust this incredible violinist. His talent for improvising proves that he is a unique artist. Bold and poetic, he impresses us with his sophisticated technique and his perpetual search for emotion. Adept of the folk themes of our regions, he mixes his voice and his wide array of violins with inventive percussions in order to create a unique and unforgettable concert.

Duration: 30 minutes
4 shows are organized: at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Unfortunately, the ice cellars are not accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Before going down in the ice cellars, you will be asked to sign a statement indicating that the organization cannot be held responsible in case of accidents.

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