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Cancelled: Khusugtun (Mongolia)

Cd-release Jangar
Thursday 9 April 2020 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
THU 09/04

Khusugtun, formed in 2008, is a Mongolian folk music group descendant of the great epic singers and Mongolian nomadic culture. Because it is in danger of disappearing, Khusugtun aspires to promote Mongolian cultural heritage both at home and overseas. In addition to the Mongolian traditional instruments, the group incorporates the breath taking throat-singing of their forefathers. Khöömei or throat-singing is an ancestral art registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Taught from generation to generation, it is only in the last fifteen years that this discipline has entered the conservatories.

The Khusugtun ensemble has for some years enjoyed great influence among the younger generation in Mongolia. The Mongolian metal duo ‘Hu’, among others, cites them as one of their major inspirations, and the group finished second in Asia’s Got Talent in 2015. Inspired by their nomadic ancestors, they play with great brio their traditional instruments, including the famous horsehead fiddle or morin khuur, the yatga zither or the jews harp.

However, most notable of all is surely their interpretation of the striking khöömii, diphonic throat singing, which they perform polyphonically, and therein lies their originality! Handed down from generation to generation, the art of khöömii or diphonic Mongol throat singing makes it possible to emit several notes at the same time. Legend has it that this may derive from imitating the wind, the sound of water, birdsong … But few musicians superimpose them in this way. Granted recognition by the award of numerous prizes and distinctions, Khusugtun is about to issue a new album, ‘Jangar’, that the group is coming to present to us, thereby guaranteeing our total Immersion in the heart of the Altaï…


  • Ariunbold Dashdorj: voice, khöömii, ikh khuur, tömör khuur
  • Batzorig Vaanchig: voice, khöömii, morin khuur, tömör khuur
  • Amarbayasgalan Chovjoo: voice, yatga, khulsan khuur
  • Chuluunbaatar Oyungerel: voice, khöömii, morin khuur, tovshuur, tömör khuur
  • Ulambayar Khurelbaatar: voice, khöömii, tovshuur, dombra, tömör khuur
  • Adiyadorj Gombosuren : voice, khöömii, limbe, percussions (djembe, shakers), tömör khuur

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