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Thanos Stavridis | Kadinelia

Saturday 22 February 2020 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
SAT 22/02

This second evening of Grecomania (formerly Greekerbeek) has been taken over by the Balkans accordion and by Kadinelia, the inspiring interpreters of traditional folk. The evening will conclude with a jam session and a party in the foyer!

Thanos Stavridis is an amazing accordion player. His passion for the instrument began when he was 6 years old and led him to study ethnomusicology at Thessaloniki and to teaching in the traditional music department at Epirus. He is a virtuoso of the Balkans repertoire and a regular participant in festivals. Thanos recorded his first solo album in 2016 with Kyklos Records. He has had numerous highly regarded partnerships with musicians such as Protopsalti, Malamas,Matoula Zamani Papakonstandinou, Zamani and Mitsia.

Kadinelia is the name of a species of falcon found in the Cyclades in Greece, which has the distinctive trait of mating in flight.  This symbolic act of freedom inspired Athanas Zikas and Evi Seitanidou to set up their folk guitar duo. They clearly draw on Greek traditional music, but they also incorporate elements of the blues, funk, gypsy music and various world traditions.  Their driving aim to share their intense emotions with the public, with only their two guitars. Their intense rhythmic structures, their dynamic guitar solos and the exotic voices that they use constantly maintain the attention. More recently, they have added new instruments and loops to allow them to make amazing mixes of ancient and modern, including minimalism and trance.


  • Athanas Zikas: guitar, tsabouna (Aegean bagpipe)
  • Evi Seitanidou: guitar, Pontus lyre, loop station, beat box
  • Thanos Stavridis : accordion
  • Vassilis Athanasiou: clarinet , saxophone
  • Manos Makris : acoustic guitar
  • Christos Tassios :  percussion

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