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Queimada: Katla, Central Bal, A Contrabanda

Bal Folk
Saturday 21 September 2019 - 19h00
Maison du Peuple de St-Gilles - 37 Parvis de St-Gilles, 1060 St-Gilles
SAT 21/09

The Queimada is a beloved classic of Muziekpublique thanks to its magical elements: a dance initiation, two Bal folks and the preparation of the Galician divine beverage: the Queimada, under the musical direction of A Contrabada. The first Queimada of the season begins with the duo Katla, accordion and saxophone, and then we travel to central France with Central Bal, with great musicians such as Patrick Bouffard (hurdy-gurdy). However, we will open the evening with a dance initiation in collaboration with Frisse Folk.


Katla is the two-headed folk collective from the brothers Andreas (soprano and alto saxophone) and Jeroen (accordion) Werbrouck. Their repertoire consists mainly of their own weirdly named compositions, such as Bourrée Aerobe, Skateboard Scottish or Soelaas mazurka, completed with their own interpretations from traditional music. After many concerts in Dranouter, Labadoux, Gentse Feesten, Gooikoorts or Boombalfestival, they finally come to Brussels to make the public glide on the dancefloor.


The name Central Bal reveals not only where the band comes from, but also where they get all their inspirations. The ensemble Central Bal, built around the hurdy-gurdy virtuoso Patrick Bouffard, comes from Central France and consists of well-known musicians from the folk milieu such as Colin Delzant (cello), Fabien Guiloineau (guitar) and Jonas Thin (bagpipes, tin whistles). The band has one mission: make the dancers dance, which they perfectly accomplish thanks to their own compositions and to traditional dances that they colour in their own way.


  • Katla:
    Andreas Werbrouck: alto & soprano saxophone
    Jeroen Werbrouck: accordion


  • Central Bal:
    Patrick Bouffard: hurdy-gurdy
    Colin Delzant: cello
    Fabien Guiloineau: guitar
    Jonas Thin: bagpipes, tin whistle

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