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Belgo-Senegalese Quartet

After many concerts at home and abroad, the band Tamala (“travellers”) is back to present their second album, Lumba.

On this album, Tamala, just like the bird in the song Picce mi, point to a world where wealth is not fairly distributed, a world where hypocrisy reigns to the detriment of women, children and the vulnerable, where the earth is exhausted.

Musically, Tamala shows its most versatile side here. There’s Mola Sylla’s powerful voice, of course. Not only does he make you gasp until the very last note, but he also surprises you with an astonishing array of self-made instruments. Kora virtuoso Bao Sissoko distinguishes himself not only as a gifted, groove-sensitive soloist, but also as a composer. On violin, the versatile Wouter Vandenabeele adds a contemporary European touch, making Tamala more than the sum of its parts. A fourth musician, Olivier Vander Bauwede, has just joined the project, adding bluesy tones to Tamala’s music with the help of his harmonica.



Violinist living in Ghent, Wouter Vandenabeele likes toexplore various musics. His other current projects are GhentFolk Violin Project, Hijaz & Strings, Exodus, The City Song. Heplayed concerts alongside Senegalese traditional violinistIssa Sow. He directed the prestigious “Hadzidakis” projectfor the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (with, among others,the “Madredeus” singers). He recorded about twenty CD’sand gave several hundred performances with “Ambrozijn”,“Olla Vogala” (his world music orchestra) and other projectsincluding “Bared Ataï” with which he played in Morocco andBelgium; “Zuiderwind” (EMI) in collaboration with SouthAfrican musicians (concerts in Belgium and South Africa).He also worked with Steve Houben, Erik Vermeulen, SavinaYanatou, Philippe Thuriot, “Ex Tempore”.

The excellent jeli musician Bao Sissoko is first and foremost knownfor his refined and virtuoso kora playing. He collaborated withMalick Pathe Sow on the album Aduna (released at Muziekpubliquein 2012), with Baaba Maal, Abu Thiam, Mamy Kanoute, Zap Mama,Vaya Con Dios.

Mola Sylla is a Senegalese singer and multiinstrumentist livingin Amsterdam. His powerful and deep voice has led him tomany collaborations, for example with Omar Sosa or in his jazzproject with Ernst Reijseger and Harmen Fraanje. Mola enjoysexploring all dimensions of music and participated in severalmusical encounter projects with eclectic genres. He is a foundingmember of Senemali and VeDaKi (a quartet of Senegalese,Russian and Indian music).


Jazzmania.be (BE)
Claudy Jalet

“A real success.”

MixedWorldMusic.com (NL)
Rik van Boeckel

“Lumba is an album with a clear message, carried by beautiful West African music with lyrics written from the griot tradition in which both Mola Sylla and Bao Sissoko were brought up!”

Le Soir (BE)
Thierry Coljon

“A haunting and majestic blues record, both choral and intimate, solar and introspective.”

Tropicalidad.be (BE)

“With Lumba Tamala again creates a rock-solid album that can convince both substantively and musically!”


“Between Senegal and Belgium, the world full of humanity of the travelling musicians Tamala.”

Philip Thomas

“Musically speaking, this fine CD is a bit like peeling an onion…with each new layer, you find something different to engage with.”

Le Monde (FR)
Fabien Mollon

“Rubbed, pinched or vocal, their strings complement each other wonderfully…”

RootsWorld (US)
Mike Adcock

“Just now and then, a record comes along in which everything about it seems to perfectly embody the broader intentions underlying the work. Lumba is a case in point.”

Blogfoolk Magazine (IT)
Alessio Surian

“The pleasure in listening to them is confirmed by the release of “Lumba”, their second album, recorded partly in the studio and partly live.”

Larsen (BE)
Jean-Pierre Goffin

“While respect for humans and nature is at the heart of this project, it was still necessary to express it with talent: Hallelujah, it is perfectly successful!


RNR Magazine (UK)
Norman Darwen

“… a very positive and rather beautiful album.”

5Planètes (FR)
Etienne Bours

“A record of a sweet freshness which however never lacks a gravity that is worth a great deal of our anger.”

Blogfoolk Magazine (IT)
Alessio Surian

“The trio favours their own original compositions and the middle tenses that enhance the wide range of expression of Mola Sylla’s voice and the instrumental interweaving between kora and violin.”


“The trio Tamala explores the infinite possibilities of encounters between instruments and musical worlds.”

Upcoming concerts

25/04/24 Kora Days @Muziekpublique (Brussels , BE)
29/06/24 Wereldfeest Ieper (Ypres, BE)
03/08/24 Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf, DE)
22/11/24 CC Ter Vesten (Beveren, BE)
11/12/24 cc Het Bolwerk (Vilvoorde, BE)

Past concerts

20/04/24 Halle du Bouillon Blanc (Bouillon , BE)
19/04/24 Le ROx (Rouvroy, BE)
10/03/24 Brosella Spring (Brussels , BE )
19/11/23 CC Action-Sud (Nismes, BE)
06/10/23 Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège (Liège, BE)
11/08/23 Folkfestival Ham (Ham, BE)
17/05/23 Merodefestival ( BE)
11/01/23 Le Stock (La Louvière, BE)
15/10/22 Musica Parola (Sint-Martens-Bodegem, BE)
25/09/22 September me (Amersfoort, NL)
24/06/22 St. Maria im Kapitol Köln (Koln , DE)
17/06/22 Fête de la Musique (Jette, BE)
12/06/22 CC Asse (Asse, BE)
06/06/22 Music Meeting Festival (Nijmegen, NL)
04/04/22 Le Rocher de Palmer (Cenon, FR)
03/04/22 Pauline-Sels-Saal im Romaneum (Neuss, DE)
13/02/22 CC le Sablon (Morlanwelz, Belgique)
12/02/22 De X (Leiden, NL)
25/11/21 La petite Fabriek (Tournai , BE )
16/10/21 CC Muze (Heusden-Zolder, BE)
08/10/21 CC Comines-Warneton (Comines-Warneton , BE)
03/10/21 CC Asse (Asse, BE)
01/10/21 Muziekpublique (Brussles, BE)
05/09/21 Het Koelhuis (Zutphen, NL)
04/09/21 MIMIK (Deventer, NL)
03/09/21 Akoesticum (Ede, NL)
14/08/21 CC Muze (Heusden-Zolder, BE)
13/08/21 Micro Festival! (Dortmund , DE)
08/08/21 CCAS Tour (Pelvezy, FR)
07/08/21 CCAS Tour (Ares - Bassin d'Arcachon , FR)
06/08/21 CCAS Tour (Saint Georges de Didonne , FR)
05/08/21 CCAS Tour (La Rochelle , FR)
04/08/21 CCAS Tour (Chinon, FR)
03/08/21 CCAS Tour (Amboise les Violettes , FR)
01/08/21 CCAS Tour (Dives sur Mer, FR)
31/07/21 CCAS Tour (Auberville, FR)
30/07/21 CCAS Tour (Ponches, FR)
29/07/21 CCAS Tour (Merlimont G , FR)
18/07/21 Open air (Hamm     , DE)
17/07/21 Open air (Gelsenkirchen, DE)
11/07/21 Festival van Kortrijk (Kortrijk, BE)
05/07/21 Handelsbeurs (Gent, BE)
17/06/21 Färberei (Wuppertal, DE)
15/06/21 Pauluskirche (Hamm     , DE)
14/06/21 Marina Rünthe ( Bergkamen, DE)
11/06/21 Bleckkirche (Gelsenkirchen, DE)
08/06/21 Paterskirche Franziskanerkloster (Kempen  , DE)
06/06/21 Hangar 21   (Detmold  , DE)
02/06/21 Jazzschmiede ( Düsseldorf   , DE)
28/05/21 Muziekpublique- Album Release (Brussels , BE)
23/05/21 CC Sint-Niklaas (Sint-Niklaas , BE)
02/05/21 Festival van Kortrijk (Kortrijk , BE)
10/01/21 Beaux-Arts de Lille (Lille, FR)
19/06/20 Bleckkirche (Gelsenkirchen, DE)
18/06/20 Wuppertal (Wuppertal, DE)
17/06/20 Krypta Sankt Michael (Köln, DE)
16/06/20 Lutherkirche (Hamm, DE)
14/06/20 Aula Theodorianum (Paderborn, DE)
08/06/20 Trauzimmer Marina Rünthe (Bergkamen, DE)
03/06/20 Jazzschiemde (Düsseldorf, DE)
01/06/20 Pfingstfestival (Detmold, DE)
08/12/19 Bunderkunst ('s-Heer Arendskerke, NED)
23/11/19 CC Braives-Burdinne (Braives, BE)
22/11/19 CC Escale du Nord (Brussels, BE)
28/09/19 CC Blegny (Blegny, BE)
01/09/19 Basilique d'Avioth ( BE)
21/06/19 KAS (Kapellen, BE)
03/05/19 Bij' De Vieze Gasten (Gent, BE)
27/04/19 Kultuurschuur (Wetteren, BE)
27/03/19 Arsonic (Mons, BE)
23/03/19 Old Roots & New Routes (Amsterdam, NED)
17/03/19 GC De Wildeman (Winksele, BE)
22/02/19 Centro Culturale Candiani (Venise, IT)
02/02/19 Cultuurfabiek (Damme, BE)
27/01/19 Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof (Eupen, BE)
23/01/19 deSingel (Antwerpen, BE)
12/01/19 Theater de Garage (Venlo, NL)
09/12/18 Groeten uit Oisterwijk (Oisterwijk , NL)
09/11/18 ProJazz (Den Haag, NL)
21/09/18 CC Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve ( BE)
19/09/18 De Leest (Izeghem , BE)
07/09/18 PAS-Festival (Maastricht, NL)
03/09/18 Festival musicale del mediterraneo (Genoa, IT)
25/08/18 Café Le Parc (Liège, BE)
22/08/18 Festival d'Art de Huy (Huy, BE)
05/08/18 Vondelpark Openluchttheater (Amsterdam, NL)
28/07/18 WOMAD Festival (Wiltshire, UK)
20/07/18 Beleuvenissen (Leuven, BE)
07/07/18 Brosella Folk & Jazz Festival (Brussels, BE)
23/06/18 Festival New City Sessions (Roeselare, BE)
28/05/18 Les Octaves de la Musique (Bruxelles, BE)
22/05/18 Belgian World Music Meeting (Brussel, BE)
19/05/18 Les Goûts de Gand (Gent , BE)
21/04/18 Schoon Folk Festival (Genk, BE)
06/04/18 15 years Muziekpublique (Brussels, BE)
13/01/18 La Venerie (Bruxelles, BE)
09/12/17 Maison des Cultures de Saint-Gilles (Bruxelles , BE )
25/11/17 Ferme de la Dîme (Wasseiges, BE)
15/11/17 Vrije Geluiden Live (Utrecht, NL )
05/11/17 Muziekclub ’t Ey Belsele (Belsele, BE)
13/10/17 Muziekpublique (Bruxelles , BE)
04/05/17 Handelsbeurs Concertzaal (Gand , BE)
29/04/17 Chappelle de Verre (Ronquières, BE)