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Toasaves makes a big impression

Toasaves gets talked about in the press of all Europe
27 March 2023

« ZWERVER », Toasaves’ debut album, has been available since last November and is critically acclaimed in all of Europe.

« …an exciting and beautiful journey into a perhaps not entirely fictional lost world. »

(April 2023, Songlines.co)


« Zwerver » is #13 in the World Music Chart Europe top albums in February and March

“…a musical feast that demonstrates from start to finish how much music can transcend any man-made boundary.” (03/23, Rootstime.be)

« …an exciting journey back in time and certainly a lot of sounds to (re)discover for many of us. » (17/03/23, Jazzmania.be)

« Thanks mainly to the strong, complex and varied arrangements, this re-creation of Van der Velde’s songs turns out beautifully. » (27/02/23, Mixworldmusic.com)

« Historical Flemish songs show amazing parallels to oriental folk tunes – when they are played with oriental instruments. The Belgian collective Toasaves succeeds in building an amazing bridge in this way. » (06/03/23, BRF.be)

« Zwerver is an hour of equally hyper-virtuous and ever-changing music from this debut band, and it’s a delight to listen to. » (24/02/23, Lira.se)

« An excellent album » (16/03/23, Musiczine.net)

In the Belgian Folk Magazine (January/March 2023)

In the German magazine Folker


On the radio

On the show « Early Music of Europe and the Orient » on German radio WDR

On « Musique Du Monde » playlist, the Belgian radio show on Radio Campus

On « Wereldmineralen » playlist, the Dutch radio show on Concertzender Nederland

On « Mondophon » playlist, the Luxemburger show on Radio ARA