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Our bands on tour in May !

Switzerland, Malta, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium,...
26 April 2018

OUr bands are on tour in may !

It’s a nice month of concerts and travels that is showing up soon.

Refugees for Refugees will be on the road as a quintet heading to Germany and France for two concerts before going all together in Malta !

Voxtra shall perform 2 concerts in Switzerland, in Rorbas and Toggenburg, while Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin will go to Nijmegen in the Netherland and Tamala in Brussels and Gent !

The agenda :

Refugees for Refugees 06/05/18 Quintet – Opéra de Lille (Lille, FR)
Refugees for Refugees 12/05/18 Festival im Vogelviertel (Bielefeld, DE)
Voxtra 18/05/18 Faascinating Concerts (Rorbas, Switzerland)
Voxtra 20/05/18 Klangwelt Festival (Toggenburg, Switzerland)
Refugees for Refugees 18/05/18 Malta World Music Festival ( Malta)
Tamala 19/05/18 Les Goûts de Gand (Gent , BE)
Hovanissian & Gültekin 21/05/18 Music Meeting (Nijmegen, NL)
Tamala 22/05/18 Belgian World Music Meeting (Brussel, BE)
Tamala 28/05/18 Les Octaves de la Musique (Bruxelles, BE)

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