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01 December 2021

Only a few weeks after the release of the new album of the Belgian-Senegalese trio Tamala, people are already talking about it!

« These songs are characterized by catchy melodies and well rhythmic, but it is worth reading (in the beautiful trilingual French-English-Dutch booklet) also the message conveyed by the verses in Wolof and Soussou. » (28/10/21, BLOGFOOLK )

« Just now and then, a record comes along in which everything about it seems to perfectly embody the broader intentions underlying the work » (01/11/2021, ROOTSWORLD)

« Frottées, pincées ou vocales, leurs cordes se complètent à merveille » (03/11/2021,  LE MONDE)

« Musically speaking, this fine CD is a bit like peeling an onion…with each new layer, you find something different to engage with. » (26/11/2021, Folk Radio UK)

« Recording microphones are placed intimately, drawing in the listener, heightening a sense of savoured space, decidedly unhurried.« (December 2021, Songlines)


On the radio

In Greece: Planet Radio 90,6

In Spain :  Mundofonías

In Serbia : III program Radio Beograda – 97.6 FM.

In Luxemburg : MONDOPHON auf Radio ARA