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Impressive reviews and chart success for ‘Amina’

06 May 2019

The month of May starts with fantastic news for Refugees for Refugees: the new album “Amina” is ranked number 1 in the Transglobal World Music Charts.

On top of that, the album also gets a very nice review from Steve Williams UK Vibe:

“A warm, carefully prepared album that elevates all involved to the unity we should all crave, as we often remind ourselves, music has no boundaries. The potential then for the group is huge. Festivals would surely embrace this multi-layered music and a bright future must be ahead, providing the UK’s current political climate doesn’t build the unnecessary barrier many fear with restrictions on travel etc. for their, hopeful am I, future appearance to these shores.”


Also ‘Amina’  is broadcasted on overseas radio programs such as Ear to the Globe on Dublin City FM, and the World in London show by DJ Ritu (on Resonance FM, Resonance Extra, SOAS Radio): https://www.mixcloud.com/SOASradio/stream/   (at 18 min.15 sec).