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Queimada: Guerbigny-Breugnot, La Cie d'Elias, A Contrabanda

Bal Folk
Saturday 3 March 2018 - 19h00
Maison du Peuple de St-Gilles - 37 Parvis de St-Gilles, 1060 St-Gilles
SAT 03/03

A real head-turner, the Queimada brings together passionate dancers of all ages around today’s prevailing folk bands. One of Muziekpublique’s great classics, the Queimada’s main ingredients are a dance initiation, two folk dancing balls and the preparation of famous queimada – the Galician drink of the gods – which is accompanied musically by A Contrabanda. Under the name L’Effet Dulogis, the diatonic accordionist Benoit Guerbigny and the violinist François Breugnot invite us to dances from Poitou, Auvergne and the rest of the European folk repertoire. With La Compagnie d’Elias, the oud-player Tristan Driessens will please our ears with his dancing compositions. The evening will start with a dance initiation by Benoit Guerbigny, who is going to focus especially on dances from Poitou.

The diatonic accordionist Benoit Guerbigny has been for many years a central musician of the French folk scene. Together with the violinist François Breugnot, who comes from the Massif Central (bringing along a whole lot of bourrées with him, of course), they play refined yet swinging dances from Poitou and Auvergne, supplemented with other pan-European dances. During this concert, suitable for both listening and dancing, the musicians alternately take the lead and leave plenty of room for improvisation.

La Compagnie d’Elias plays a wide variety of couple dances: from asymmetrical waltzes and mysterious mazurkas to dazzling polkas and bourrées, enlivened here and there with an oriental circassian circle. After several musical trips to Turkey and surroundings, Tristan comes back to the folk scene where he grew up as a dancer and has expanded his band to a quintet: the original duo (oud and percussions) is now complemented by the multi-instrumentalist Tom Callens (tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and flute), French Léa Besancon on the cello and, last but not least, Sophie Cavez on the… electric bass!


L’Effet Dulogis

  • Benoit Guerbigny: diatonic accordion
  • François Breugnot: violin


La Compagnie d’Elias

  • Tristan Driessens: oud
  • Simon Leleux: percussions
  • Tom Callens: saxophone, clarinets, flute
  • Sophie Cavez: bass
  • Léa Besancon: cello

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