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SOLD OUT - Baul Meets Saz (India/Turkey) @ Planetarium

Hide & Seek Festival 2018
Saturday 25 August 2018 - 20h00
Planetarium - Avenue de Bouchout 10, 1020 Bruxelles
SAT 25/08

Here is a unique opportunity to attend a concert with your head amid beautiful stars – literally! Under a 360° dome you will be plunged into space to the sound of the trio Baul Meets Saz. Emre Gültekin, singer and player of the Turkish saz (a long-necked lute) unites  the sounds of his instrument with the voice and percussion of the Indian duo BrahmaKhyapa. Malaila Brahma (vocals) and Sanjoy Khyapa (dubki, dotara) originate from India and have become the musical ambassadors of Baul culture. The Bauls, a marginal Indian community from Bengal, are nomadic and are deeply spiritual, seeking the sacred in human beings rather than in heaven.

The Bauls share a similar way of life with the Alevites of Turquie, for whom Emre Gültekin, as a modern troubadour, has made himself the spokesman. In uniting these two cultures and their musical traditions, Baul Meets Saz create a strangely modern music, at one and the same time powerful and mystical. Malaila’s visceral voice guides the trio towards the heights and on a human voyage, and all three will invite you to be carried away by the music and to travel, stretched out in an easy chair, but propelled to somewhere between India, Turkey, Brussels and the Universe.


  • Malaila Brahma : vocals
  • Sanjoy Khyapa : dubki, dotara, percussion
  • Emre Gültekin : saz, vocals

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