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SOLD OUT - Bal & Basta ! Hot Griselda (NL) | NHAC! (FR)

Bal & Basta !
Sunday 24 March 2019 - 16h00
Pianofabriek - Rue du Fort 35, 1060 Bruxelles (St Gilles)
SUN 24/03

Bal & Basta, your favorite Sunday folk dance, is back with a fantastic program! The Dutch super group Hot Griselda is back on the Brussels stage and NHAC! presents a vocal ball from the south of France.

It’s a duo of male voices that seizes the energy of the ball!  Daniel ‘Padpé’ Detammaecker is one of the great specialists of the ball repertoire from the south of France. Padpé is not only a singer and musician, but he is also a dance teacher of renown. With the percussionist Arnaud Bibonne, another versatile musician-dancer, they form NHAC! and guarantee a vocal ball with southern accents!

The clear and limpid playing of Kaspar Labal’s bouzouki combined with Jeroen Geerinck’s deep guitar and bodhran grooves form the rhythmic and powerful backbone of Hot Griselda’s sound. On this solid foundation, Stijn van Beek and Toon van Mierlo place a whirlwind of melodies. Their music, which is sometimes light like the wind thanks to the two low whistles, is also carried away by bombardes and bagpipes (uilleann pipes), creating a storm of exhilarating sounds. Hot Griselda is definitely one of the best folk bands from the flat country!



  • Arnaud Bibonne : vocals, bagpipes, shruti box, percussion…
  • Daniel Detammaecker : vocals, percussion, harmonica, toun-toun, podorythmy, shruti box…


Hot Griselda

  • Toon Van Mierlo: Irish bagpipes, sax, accordion, flute
  • Stijn Van Beek: Irish bagpipes, flute
  • Jeroen Geerinck : guitar, bodhran
  • Kaspar Laval : bouzouki

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