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American Roots Weekend 2024
From Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 April 2024 - 09h00
MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap - Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles
SAT 20/04
SUN 21/04

Registering for one of these workshops also gives you free access to both evening events of the American Roots Weekend.

Annick Odom – Singing (West Virginia Ballads)
Dive into the world of West Virginia songs in this welcoming class. The instructor, Annick Odom, was influenced by masters like Phyllis Marks, Gerry Milnes, and Hazel Dickens. She will teach you traditional unaccompanied ballads with a focus on singing style and effective learning techniques. She’ll also choose several songs that provide the opportunity to work on harmony singing. No prior experience is needed, and all participants will receive lyrics and source recordings. Annick, who is fluent in English, Dutch, and has a basic understanding of French, encourages questions in any language. Whether you’re a seasoned singer or a beginner, join us for a musical journey with fresh material (no material from last year’s class will be repeated).

Janie Rothfield – Old-Time Fiddle
Janie’s Fiddle Class is for fiddlers who can play at a medium-faster tempo, are looking to get to the next level in their playing AND want to add a variety of exciting new tunes (from VA, Kentucky, North Carolina and a few of Janie’s own original tunes) to their repertoire! Janie will focus on the nuances in bowing and rhythm as well as techniques to improve your tone, drive, creativity and musicality-and above all how to have more FUN with old time music.

Time will also be spent learning how to play “out of the melody” using melodic variations, harmony and chords, singing while fiddling AND how to play with a clawhammer banjo player (Janie is a great banjo player too).

Allan Carr – Old-Time Guitar
Allan will demonstrate some alternative chord shapes in the keys of D,G, A and C, and tie them in with connective bass runs, and examine where these can be used to add color to the backup of Old Time fiddle tunes (and when/where they shouldn’t be used!). Also we will look at the use of these alternative shapes, and/or using a capo in jams where there is more than one guitar.

Hilarie Burhans – Clawhammer Banjo
This class is geared toward players who already have a repertoire of tunes that they play in an old-time frailing/clawhammer style, and would like to increase that repertoire, learn to play more rhythmically and with more “drive”, learn to pick up tunes by ear more quickly, and improve their ability to play “with” rather than “next to” other musicians. We’ll take a look at how your banjo is set up and at the mechanics of your playing to identify some ways to get the most out of your instrument, reduce physical stress and avoid injury. If you love the percussive aspect of banjo playing just as much as you love the melody, this class will be a good fit for you!

My teaching style is supportive and relaxed, and while we’ll be working hard, we’ll have a lot of fun while doing it! Please feel free to call or email me (I’m easy to find online as I’m the only Hilarie Burhans out there) if you have any questions or concerns.

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