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ICTM Talk #3 : Camilo Cordoba

The immense world of Tango highlighted
Thursday 15 December 2022 - 19h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
THU 15/12

Camilo Córdoba is an Argentine guitarist, musician, arranger and composer who has been living in Brussels since 2016 and is very active in the music scene. He will take us through all the eras of tango, from its beginnings in the early 20th century to the present day. His presentation is based on a musical analysis adapted to all audiences, focusing on the evolution of the genre in its different periods, and on the styles that have left their mark and influenced the following generations. We will listen to examples of tango authors to have a clear panorama of the immense world of this timeless music.

In a friendly atmosphere, seated around the tables of the foyer (bar) of the Molière Theater, the ICTM Talks are a cycle of classes on six different musical traditions and the culture from which they originate. Each of the six sessions will be devoted to a different style of music, its associated repertoire and territory, and will be presented by specialists from the arts, academia or enthusiasts of the style of music in question.

AGENDA 22-23:

  • 13/10/22 Amel Sdiri, Tunisian Music in the Oriental World – English
  • 17/11/22 Nino Rekhviashvili, Georgian Folk Music – English
  • 15/12/22 Camilo Cordoba, Tango – Français
  • 2/03/22 Duygu Alkan, Anatolian Music (Turkish and Kurdish) – English
  • 6/04/22 Ludovic Sirtaine, Music of Kivu (DR Congo) – Français
  • 8/6/22 Andriy Nahachewsky, Ukrainian Dance: Participatory and Presentational – English



Price of the complete cycle of 6 sessions: 40€ (or 25€ for Muziekpublique members). – Price available until the first session on 13/10
Price per session : 8€ (or 6€ for members)

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