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Bruxelas canta Osman Martins

Celebration of Osman Martins' music
Sunday 11 December 2022 - 15h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
SUN 11/12

Our city is home to great names in music that are the envy of all other European cities. Brazilian guitarist, cavaquinho player, composer, singer and teacher at the Muziekpublique Academy, Osman Martins is one of them. That’s why his musician-friends decided to honor this joyful personality by putting his music in the spotlight during a friendly concert full of surprises.

Osman Martins was born in 1961 in the Brazilian state of Bahia. As a child he moved to São Paulo, where he discovered traditional Brazilian music. On his 10th birthday, he was given a “cavaquinho” (an instrument of Portuguese origin, from the guitar family) and was immediately possessed by the instrument. A little later, he took lessons with Maestro Robinson Miguel, a famous Brazilian guitarist. One day, he heard Irio de Paula, ex-guitarist of Elze Soares and fell under the spell of the guitar. He then decided to dedicate himself to this instrument, to explore new harmonic and melodic horizons. It was this discovery that gave a whole new dimension to his cavaquinho playing. After playing the cavaquinho, guitar, composition and percussion, he explored his voice, and decided to take a singing course that would become a new vocation.

Fortunately for us, Osman Martins has been living in Brussels for years and is one of the most interesting Brazilian musicians in our country. He plays in bands like Parceria, Samba Candeia, Osman Martins & Quatuor MP4… In Belgium, Osman also collects big stages (Molière, Marni, Couleur Café, Esperanzah, Le Monde est un Village…) and collaborations with famous musicians (Toots Thielemans, Pierre Gillet, Maxime Blésin, Steve Houben, Renato Martins, Matt Bianco, Bai Kamara Jr…).


Junior Martins : Percussion
Danila Martins : Percussion
Daniela Martins : vocals
Augusto e Liliane Samboa : voice-guitar
Graffiti : voice-guitar
Noriko Kadoya : cavaquinho
Federica Castellano : voice
Claudio Rocha : sax
Roberto Oliveira : trombone
Vitor Gaberlotto : guitar
Philippe Quevauviller : vocals
Tonio Reina : drums
Pedro Moura : voice guitar
Gersinho : percussion
Michel Canhoto : percussion
Paulinho da Cuica : percussion
Cíntia Rodriguez : vocals
Nicolas Hauzeur : violin
Pierre Gillet : guitar
Augusto Rego : drums
Maxime Blésin : voice-guitar
Bai Kamara Jr : voice and guitar
Didier Sustrac : guitar
Greg Houben : trumpet
Dioni Costa : vocals
Nilo Canela : percussion
Sergio Lemos : vocals
Jack Bahia : vocals


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