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Queimada : Airboxes | Emily and Simon | A Contrabanda

Bal Folk
Saturday 24 September 2022 - 19h00
Maison du Peuple de St-Gilles - 37 Parvis de St-Gilles, 1060 St-Gilles
SAT 24/09

Join us at the Queimada to dance on the folk tunes of Emily & Simon and of Airboxes at the Maison du Peuple in Saint-Gilles. For those who still want to learn the basics of folk dancing, there will first be an initiation given by Frisse Folk.

We will open the evening with Emily & Simon, known from the trio Emily & the Simons. Emily Bowden is an English violinist, who has accumulated an impressive amount of bal folk experience on the other side of the Channel. She writes beautiful compositions ranging from sensual mazurkas to energetic bourrées. Together with guitarist Simon Laffineur, know from, among other things, A Consommer de Préférence, Waar is Boris? and Orbal. Simon has also recently become the teacher of balfolk ensemble at the Muziekpublique-academy. Guaranteed, both will set the Maison du Peuple on fire! After this first bal, a druid will prepare the friendship drink called Queimada, accompanied by the sounds of bagpipes from the band A Contrabanda. Afterwards the unique diatonic and chromatic accordions from Airboxes will take over. Airboxes is the project of Guus Herremans (Les Bottines Artistiques, La Lanterne, …) and Bert Leemans (EmBRUN, Elanor, …), two artists who play in perfect harmony, exceptionally accompanied by Ward Dhoore (guitar). The sounds of their instruments melt together in everything they play and will take you to a magic world. Airboxes only plays their own compositions. Their sometimes-intimate solos, sometimes-explosive playing will ensure for an all-inclusive balfolk.

  • Emily Bowden : violin
  • Simon Laffineur : guitar


  • Guus Herremans : diatonic accordion
  • Bert Leemans : chromatic accordion
  • Ward Dhoore: guitar

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