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Jazz Jette June: Tamala (Senegal) | Hazmat Modine (US) | Maguare XXL (cumbia)

Fête de la musique
Friday 17 June 2022 - 17h45
Place Reine Astrid - Place Reine Astrid, Jette
FRI 17/06

This year Jette Jazz will take place on Friday 17 June at the Place Reine Astrid. The festivities will open with Kalasa, a spectacle performed by the company Che Cirque. Comical and touching, the show mixes music, alternative animal taming, circus and bmx with creativity.

Then follows the trio Tamala: it’s a perfect marriage of mandingo vocal art, the African kora and the European violin, against a background of kalimba and percussion, the whole thing enlivened by their talented surprise guests. They then make way for New York’s Hazmat Modine. This is an original mixture, capturing with flair roots music with a touch of New Orleans, going from blues to funk via jazz or even calypso. To close, the Belgo-Colombo-Chilien Maguaré, full of rhythm and brass, will bring back to life the cumbia from the golden age of the sixties.

There’s no possible doubt that this relevant and spectator-friendly programme will give everyone the chance o enjoy an exceptional festive time?!


• 17h45 Kalasa (Cirque, Cie Che Cirque)
• 18h30 Tamala & guests (Senegal/Be)
• 19h40 Babelouze
• 20h00 Hazmat Modine (USA)
• 21h15 Babelouze
• 22h00 Maguaré XXL (Cumbia)

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