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Aurélie Dorzée and Tom Theuns

Special folk without borders
Saturday 15 May 2021 - 18h30
‘LE PERUCHET’ PUPPET THEATRE - 50 Avenue de la Forêt, 1050 Ixelles
SAT 15/05

This concert starts at 18h30. Click HERE to book tickets for the 20h30 concert.

Aurélie Dorzée and Tom Theuns have written some of the finest pages in the history of Belgian folk music thanks to their participation in Panta Rhei, Trio Trad and Ambrozijn, to name but three. Their duo ‘Aurelia’ also gave a fine breath of wind to their career, which has always been marked by creativity and surprises.

Oriental sounds take on the forms of a folk dance or a mediaeval ballad. These two alchemists distil in sound the quest for the musical philosopher’s stone. They experiment, improvise and invent in the heart of their laboratory filled with strange instruments such as the viola d’amore, the mandolauto, the psaltery, the nail violin and the sitar. Some of these were built specially for them by luthiers.

The press’s first reactions to their album Elixir are full of superlatives: “Our favourite new Album” (fROOTS) or “a masterpiece” (New Folk Sounds). We too are delighted to have them back for a live show that will represent a poetic moment of delirium and refinement!

Please note: this concert takes place in the garden of the Peruchet Marionette Museum, in the open air. So bring a jumper and a mackintosh in case of cold or rain.

  • Aurélie Dorzée : violin, viola d’amore, violin trumpet, violin with nail, psaltery, vocals & compositions
  • Tom Theuns : mandolin, mandolauoto, guitar, sitar, banjo, vocals & compositions

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