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Percussion night

HIM & TriOrganico
Saturday 8 May 2021 - 20h00
Muziekpublique - Livestream - https://www.youtube.com/user/muziekpublique/videos
SAT 08/05

Hands in Motion (HIM) is a genuine sound laboratory of percussion instruments from all corners of the world. The movement of the hands is the central element of this trio with a very radical yet accessible concept. Darbuka, gongs, berimbaus, kalimbas, pandeiro, riqq, doholla, bendirs, udu… the sound universe created by HiM knows no boundaries. From Senegal to Eastern Europe, from Brazil to India, from classical conservatories to nomadic peoples, HIM draws on all the experience of its members to juggle with the rules of tradition, resolutely contemporary and innovative. Compositions, improvisations, trance, virtuosity, acoustic, electric… HiM invites you to meet and exchange.

TriOrganico is the project of three musicians who are fascinated by the rich and diverse sounds of the South American continent, particularly those of Amerindian origin. They travel tirelessly to the most remote areas of Latin America in search of instruments that have changed little over the centuries and whose sounds vary and contrast today with more contemporary instruments and music. All the instruments played in the triOrganico performance and the dances are the result of field research. Patricia Hernandez Van Cauwenberge (percussion, voice and dance), Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles (composition, string instruments, wind instruments, percussion and voice) and Juan-Carlos Bonifaz (Marimba, percussion instruments) present original compositions inspired by local traditions.


Simon Leleux : doholla, darbuka
Falk Schrauwen : brimbau, pandeiro etc.
Robbe Kieckens : riqq, bendir



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