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Belgian World Music Night

An introduction to a fine selection of current local 'world' acts
Monday 10 June 2019 - 19h00
AB - Ancienne Belgique - Anspachlaan 110, 1000 Brussel
MON 10/06

The Belgian World Music Network (network set up by and for professional players from the Belgian World Music sector) organizes an evening of showcase concerts. During the day, national channels VRT Radio 1 and RTBF La Première will help to bring world music and cultural diversity more to the attention. 

Join in on this musical world trip in the club Ancienne Belgique, from 6:30pm – on free admission. Besides Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin, Gan San, EKKO and High Jinks Delegation, there are also a some DJs.


  • 19u Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin

Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin symbolise the reconciliation between two peoples. The sounds they produce with the duduk from Armenia and the saz from Turkey are melancholy but also full of hope. Their second album is dedicated to the cosmopolitan period in Karin, which was a meeting place for the different cultures that existed along the Silk Road.This album sees the duo continuing their exploration of the links between Turkish and Armenian traditions. It broadens the scope to take in the richness of the musical heritage of the troubled region including Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Iran and the Kurdish area. Their latest collaboration is a hymn to intercultural exchanges, and it derives its strength from a spirit of sharing and generosity.


  • 20u Gan San

GanSan invites on a journey, taking the routes which link Europe to Africa. Going further than just jazz or African music, the rhythms, melodies and harmonies fuse together in a whirlwind of joy and brotherhood.

This project uncovers a deep, societal theme to be meditated: “the African way of life” is an opus, a reminder that the centre of the world is not necessarily there where we think it is.


  • 21u EKKO

Three musicians from different worlds, complementary musical visions combined with a common desire to create and play together a fresh, new and original music. The accordion of Pablo Golder and the trumpet of Antoine Dawans gathered around the mandolin of Lorcan Fahy to give birth to EKKO, an organic sound in perpetual evolution, free and lively, with the folk accents of one, Irish of the other, jazz of the third,… An imperturbable groove, powerful melodies full of energy and a good dose of improvisation, this is EKKO.


  • 22u High Jinks Delegation

High Jinks Delegation brings you a repertoire of high energy music, mixing ragtime, old time and hokum-blues with jazz and country in the early american jugband tradition. Composed of banjo, guitar, and harmonica, as well as washtub bass, washboard and kazzoo, this group of multi-instrumentalists changes things up adding trumpet, trombone or clarinet as well. Their mix of conventional and home- made instruments makes them as visually appealing as they are enjoyable to listen to. Right for dancing and full of spirit High Jinks Delegation won’t let you down!


DJ’s :

  • Rafael Aragon

Rafael Aragon’s Music is designed for dancing, rich in bass but at the same time delicate, maximalist and very psychedelic. Killer dancefloor tunes that are guaranteed to make you sweat enveloped in enchanted singing, an ode to beauty and joie de vivre. With a hint of magic, inspired by sjaman rites and Afro-Latin and Eastern folk traditions. Mystic chimes, tribal drums and voodoo enchantments are met by fat kicks, hypnotic basslines and electronic batucadas.

  • Fanfara Electronica

The playground of Fanfara Electronica is a free and liberate mixture of the universes of electronic and world music. The very essence of this digital fanfare blows up every constraint and prejudice. The meeting of a DJ crazy about Eastern music , Thom, aka DJ ThomSact on the one hand and on the other hand, Steven, aka Billy Boss, nourished by wide spaces and the freedom spirit of wild electronic feasts, could not but give birth to an original musical clash.

  • Susobrino

Susobrine is the alter ego of the 24 year old producer and collector of instruments Bart Vanobbergen. His Bolivian roots inspired his passion for exotic sounds, especially South-American traditional percussion. He mixes his own field recordings and other ethnic music with digital ingredients into a rhythmic and energetic soundtrack.


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