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Become a volunteer at Muziekpublique

Help us at our events and distribute our flyers!
08 June 2022

At Muziekpublique we count on the help of our team of great volunteers.
As volunteer you’ll help at the concerts with some small tasks (welcoming the public, ticket sale, scanning the tickets, bar, catering of the artists,…).
You’ll receive a sandwich, snacks, drinks and most importantly: you can watch the beautiful concerts!

For the upcoming End of Season activities, we’re looking for volunteers, but you can apply the whole year through by contacting Clémentine: clementine@muziekpublique.be.

We’re also looking for volunteers to distribute our brochures and flyers at the entrance of external events, for which you’ll receive a small compensation.
Are you able to show your enthousiasme while handing out our flyer? Don’t hesitate and send an e-mail to Clémentine: clementine@muziekpublique.be.
You can freely chose at which events you’ll be present.