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Artists in residence

3 projects selected for our new residency program!
20 February 2023
Muziekpublique is launching the new project “Artists in residence” this year; a one-year residency during which we support emerging artists in the development of their project. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce today the first of the three selected projects: Peixe e Limão!
Peixe e Lima is a new acoustic trio formed by the i Flavia Clementi (voice, Italy) and Thomas Van Bogaert (guitar, Belgium) and Federico Bragetti (violoncello, Italy).
They bring a wide range of lyrical southern music, in diverse languages, and depict a travel trough South America, Italie, France, Spain…
This intercultural meetup between artists with a shared love for lyrical and poetic music will bring you in their world of sweet melodies and danceable southern grooves.