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Nana Osei-Twum Barima!
12 April 2023

Muziekpublique is launching the new project “Artists in residence”: a one-year residency during which we support emerging artists in the development of their project. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce today the selected project: Nana Osei-Twum Barima!

The young talented harp player, singer, percussionist and dancer Nana Osei-Twum Barima is from Ghana. At a young age he discovered the seperewa harp, a beautiful sounding instrument that you absolutely want to hear. In his performances he also interweaves the subtle mbira (thumb piano) with a range of percussion such as the thigh -and water calabashes, the Ghanaian percussion box and bamboo percussion. Nana invariably takes his audience on an exciting musical journey.

“I love to flaunt my culture everywhere I find myself. My ambition is to show the world the Seperewa music from Ghana that has unique sound and a very rich features.”