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Galician singing

Xavier Sánchez
MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap - Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles

This course invites you to find or find again the pleasure of singing.  It also gives you the opportunity to discover the traditions and sounds of an old music coming from elsewhere.

This activity targets people who enjoy group singing.  The learning is based on oral transmission and listening.  Therefore, no musical theory or other musical knowledge is required.  The project is not centered on the classical learning of singing.  The project’s interest is based on interpretation, ornamentation, music tone and the mastering of a Galician repertoire.

Are you an advanced pandeireta player? Then you can learn in the course “pandeireta (advanced) “who to accompany your voice. Would you like to learn pandeireta? Sign up for the pandeireta course (beginners and semi-advanced) with Karen De Pooter.

How is the activity developed?

The songs are chosen from the rich Galician traditional repertoire and will be given rhythm, by the teachers, on the pandereita, the pandeiro and other small instruments of percussion.

Included in the program:

  • Some of the rhythms:  Muiñeira, Xota, Pasodoble, Mazurka, Tango, Rumba…
  • Some of the themes:  festive occasions, love, break-ups, emigration, agricultural and maritime themes …
  • The listening of sound documents gathered in Galician villages.


Xavier Sánchez

Xavier Sánchez is a member of the Belgian-Galician group A Contrabanda. This group was born within the non-profit organisation Muziekpublique.  It performs in numerous festivals, offering a Spanish music that is close to the traditional Irish, Breton and Belgian tunes.
Xabi has a degree from the Xunta de Galicia in traditional singing and pandeiretta. He has also attended courses with Marisol Palomo (member of the Ialma group), as well as different workshops given by Galician artists such as Xose Lois Romero, Suso Vaamonde, Quique Peon, Ruote, Xurxo Fernandes, …


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Thursday: 19h15 – 20h15


MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap
Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles


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