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Folk ball Ensemble

Rebecca Van Bogaert
Jonas Malfliet
MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap - Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles

Folk ball

This ensemble offers the opportunity to learn airs from the folk dance repertoire: scottisch, mazurka, bourrée, reel, waltz, forró, polska, and more. In addition, we look at the swing, ornamentation and accompaniment typical of each region. We work on playing together as a group, danceability, arrangements and improvisation. We then test out our numbers with the help of the participants of the folk dance classes and work towards a number of concerts.

Who is the course meant for?

The course is open to all instrumentalists: playing anything from strings, wind and brass instruments, bass, percussion, guitar, piano, accordion to bagpipes, drone, blues harp or Alpine horn. You should have several years of experience playing your instrument. For backing instruments a basic knowledge of chords is required. Contact us for any clarifications, we will put you in touch with the tutors.

Rebecca Van Bogaert

Rebecca Van Bogaert has a diploma in flute and pedagogy at the Conservatoire de Bruxelles and has years of experience in folk music behind her, whether on the dance floor or as a musician on the stage (with, among others, Orbál and Transpiradansa). She continues to train by participating in various festivals, workshops and courses (Resitrad, Les Brayauds, Studi Dudi in Brittany, etc.) and is happy and eager to share his knowledge with you!

Jonas Malfliet

Jonas Malfliet (website) is a Belgian musician and composer who plays a wide range of musical styles on piano and accordion. Since leaving his law practice behind, he has toured Europe, China, Congo, and South-Africa with world music bands such as Les Busiciens, Olla Vogala, and Transpiradansa.

Together with violinist Shalan Alhamwy he formed Damast Duo, he is part of the Syrian-Turkish-Belgian orchestra Jiraan, and is resident pianist on Radio 2’s satiric programme “De Rechtvaardige Rechters”.

Teaching traditional music by ear and conducting ensembles became second nature to him after attending a lot of international Ethno music camps, and leading the East-West and Balfolk ensembles of Muziekpublique.

He is also involved in theatre productions as a multi-instrumentalist and actor.

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MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap
Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles


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