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Overtone and throat singing

Raphaël De Cock 
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles

The technique of overtone singing (harmonic singing) consists in singing one or several tones above the vocal drone: one person is singing as if there were two voices. In this workshop, you will become familiar with overtone singing and styles of the throat singing tradition from various parts of the world (khöömei from Tuva and Mongolia, Umngqokolo from South Africa, harmonic polyphony, ‘tenore’ singing from Sardinia, etc.). As the course progresses, we will focus on the different styles of throat singing from the Russian-Siberian republic of Tuva (north-east of the border with Mongolia).

NEW: We offer two options for the overtone singing and throat singing course.

Option 1: individual lessons on the technique of overtone singing and throat singing

Individual lessons of 30 minutes (can also be done in a small group of up to 3 people, but the price remains per person). Course aimed at both beginners and more experienced singers. After a short vocal warm-up, Raphaël will explain in detail the different techniques step by step. One technique per lesson is covered. Students can also indicate in which technique they would like to specialise. The class is given monthly, to give students time to assimilate the techniques learned and to practice before the next session, so that they can take the next step in the wonderful world of vocal harmonics. Participants can then sign up for the second option to join the “Harmonic Choir” which includes both experienced and less experienced singers.

Lessons may be organised between 4pm and 10pm, depending on availability. Maximum 10 people. Follow cycle 1-2.

Please bring with you: recording equipment (audio and/or video), loose and comfortable clothing, water, and, if you wish, something to take notes.

Price: 20 euro/session or 80 euros/course


Option 2: harmonic choir – harmony voice

This course is open both to students in individual sessions who already have mastered some techniques (mix of different levels) and to those who have experience in overtone singing* and who want to sing original vocal arrangements based on traditional singing styles, where the timbre of the voice, throat singing techniques, and polyphony are used.

Who knows, this could lead to a Muziekpublique  flash mob harmonic choir!

Proposed approach: after a vocal warm-up and some group exercises, Raphaël will explain the different techniques step by step that will be used in the songs that will then be taught. Everything is learned by ear, without sheet music.

The lesson (or rather the rehearsal) is monthly, to give students time assimilate the arrangements learned and to practice, so that they are able to move on, during the next class, to the next step. Personal ideas and suggestions can also be tested and incorporated into the compositions.

*Do you already have experience with overtone singing? In this case, we ask experienced students to send in a recording before the beginning of September so that we can assess the levels accordingly.

Group lessons from 7pm to 9pm;  Follow cycle 1-2. (min 4 – max 15 participants)

Please bring with you: recording equipment (audio and/or video), loose and comfortable clothing, water, and possibly something to take notes.

Price: 120 euros per cycle (per semester) (i.e. 15 euros/hour)

Raphaël De Cock 

Raphaël De Cock plays and sings with, among others, Griff, Osuna, Northern Lights, Muntagna Nera (Graindelavoix), NadiSuna, the Collectif Muzikaciné (Odna), Néboa, Waira, Tenore Monte Arvu and A Contrabanda. Raphaël began to play the Irish flute (tin whistle and low whistle) when he was 16 years old. The following year he started playing the uillean pipes (Irish bagpipes) and since then Raphael has not stopped collecting and playing traditional musical instruments. This musical millipede went on to specialize in a variety of ethnic singing styles, perhaps the most remarkable among them being Tuvan throatsinging. Meanwhile he has blossomed as a multi-instrumentalist and among other things he plays all sorts of flutes, bagpipes (gaita galega, Irish uillean pipes, Swedish säckpipa, Picard muchosa, Bulgarian gaida), Jew’s harp, stringed instruments (Siberian chatkhan, Tuvan chanzy, Chinese guqin), fiddles (Tuvan igil, Norwegian Hardanger fiddle Bulgarian gadulka) etc.

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Individual course (30 minutes)

Monday (1/month): Hours possible between 16h and 22h depending on availability.

  • Cycle 1: 5/10/2020, 9/11/2020, 30/11/2020 and 18/01/2021
  • Cycle 2: 8/02/2021, /03/2021, 29/03/2021, 3/05/2021

The time of the lesson is determined in consultation with the teacher. Define your class schedule with him/her before registering. Contact Muziekpublique for more information.

Collective course (4 sessions of two hours)

Monday (1/month): from 7pm to 9pm

  • Cycle 1: 28/09/2020, 12 /10/2020, 23/11/2020, 14/12/2020
  • Cycle 2: 25/01/2021, 8/03/2021, 19/04/2021, 17/05/2021

If you wish to join the second cycle, please contact muziekpublique before registering.


Molière Theatre
Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles


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Cycle 2
€ 80
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Cycle 1
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Cycle 2
€ 120
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